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Internet Marketing Strategies For 2016

Keeping up with the latest technology and marketing trends for any business is not an easy task. However, entrepreneurs who employ the best strategies that take into account the changing business environment find the going quite enjoyable. Internet marketing can be very turbulent and complex, especially with the emergence of new software and hardware, and the ever changing user preferences. Any entrepreneur that wants to stay in the game should easily adopt the new trends in order to maintain a strong market presence, stay above the competition and increase revenue generation. Those who don’t do so often find themselves out-competed and in need of more resources to match up to their rivals. Sometimes this comes too little too late. Here are some internet marketing strategies for 2016 that smart businesses are adopting:

Best Internet Marketing Strategies for 2016

Use of video marketing

With Facebook, SnapChat and Periscope all positioning themselves as strong players when it comes to live streaming of events on social media, the use of video marketing on social networks has become more than just an option. A lot of companies are increasingly using these social networks to live stream events such as product launches, run promotions and give behind-the-scenes tours for their customers. Video marketing has certainly gained a lot of prominence and it’s difficult to see how it can’t continue being a key player in internet marketing. If anything, even large corporations that initially shunned social sites like SnapChat and Instagram are now embracing them and using them to run marketing campaigns through video adverts.

More usage of apps

Another internet marketing strategy for 2016 is the usage of apps to enhance service accessibility. As a result of app indexing by Google, many businesses are realizing the need to have dedicated apps so as to create a strong presence online. App store optimization has enabled businesses to increase the number of user downloads for their apps, which in turn has changed how customers access company services. In 2016, providing convenient platforms for serving customers is one of the most important concerns for many business owners, and that is where business apps play a key role.

Focusing more on mobile devices

Several people around the globe own smartphones and other mobile devices from which they can communicate and access different sites on the internet. In some countries, according to a report published by Google in 2015, mobile traffic was higher than desktop traffic. Businesses will therefore have to optimize their websites for mobile compatibility for higher rankings on search engines. It is a trend that is expected to really take root in 2016.

Social Media Optimization

This is an internet marketing strategy that cannot be ignored in 2016. It would be suicidal for any business to underestimate the importance of creating a strong presence on social networks and establishing ideal ways for customer interactions. When social media is used properly, it can improve organic search results of websites. Social media optimization can be used to link all the social media accounts of a business in a cohesive manner and drive more traffic to the main company site.

These are some of the internet marketing strategies for 2016 that can help any business increase its presence online and create a strong brand in the market for better financial results.

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